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“I’ve been finding people jobs since 1973, and have helped thousands of candidates find great career opportunities. Let me help you too!”... Tony Beshara

"I've been finding people jobs since 1973, and have helped thousands of candidates find great career opportunities. Let me help you too!"... Tony Beshara

Job Search Solution Blog by Tony Beshara2022-03-01T11:55:41-05:00

Are you rewriting your resume . . . .again?

Candidates that keep rewriting their resume need to keep in mind one thing, resumes are not read but scanned.  The average resume is scanned in 10 seconds with the points of interest being:

  • Who you worked for?
  • What your job function was with the company?
  • How did your work impact the company’s bottom line?

The point of your resume is to land you an interview not to get you hired.  Therefore, avoid overthinking the resume process by simply writing a clear and concise chronological assessment of your career.

By |March 30, 2022|Job Search Blog|

Poor Interviewing Etiquette Impede Job Offers

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard candidates answer hiring authority salaried questions with, “it’s not relevant”. It usually comes from candidates that have totally screwed up the interview process. Typically, hiring authorities become less interested immediately after such an abrupt answer from a candidate.  This week not only was the hiring authority taken back with such a response but also had to take defense when the candidate began a minor argument.

When I debriefed the candidate regarding why he irritated the hiring authority in such a manner, his response was “I really didn’t want the job anyhow.”  When I was younger, in the recruiting business, I used to get upset with such candidates but now I just refuse to assist them any longer.

Comments like, “that’s not relevant” are both rude and a poor interviewing habit.  If you are a candidate, always contemplate how to sell yourself to get the job offer.

Good candidates cover the basics by always making a good impression and maintaining a polite demeanor.

By |March 20, 2022|Job Search Blog|

Sign of the Times & A Message to Hiring Authorities

We had a candidate referred to us who was exceptional.  Her personality was charming; she had a good employment history and was seeking quick employment.  With such great character traits, she already scheduled five interviews in four days.  It was clear that she was going to find employment fast.

We contacted three of our clients and explained to them what a great candidate she was, hoping to set up interviews immediately.  First client, who had been seeking an employee for over a month, was unable to interview due to spring break.  Second client agreed to interview her but it required a multiple stage interview process with 3-4 people, thus a week long progression. The third client interviewed her via Zoom on a Thursday, followed by two Zoom interviews that Friday morning and later offered her a job that afternoon.  She started the following Tuesday.

We don’t write the rules of the market.  We simply live with them.

When we tell clients they need to hurry because the market is crazy, almost as bad as 1999, they think it is “recruiter speech.”  Client one was downright upset with us for not delaying the candidate, nearly a week, until hiring authorities returned.

Again, we do not write the rules. This was a mid-level management job and our client had been looking for some time but failed to learn the lesson of urgency.

Frequently hiring organizations drag the hiring process out to avoid making a mistake.  They are under the illusion that a multiple stage interview process with 3-4 people will alleviate hiring errors. It is simply not true.

The truth, involving more people in the interviewing process is a hiring management defense to spread blame if the candidate does not work out.  However, studies have shown that the quality of a person being hired is no greater or less whether one person does the interviewing and hiring or more than one person does the interviewing or hiring.

A quality interviewing process is the key but has little to do with the number of interviews necessary to discover the ideal candidate.


By |March 13, 2022|Job Search Blog|

… you have any questions?

I had two candidates in second interviews for the same position. The first one was a stellar candidate with a great job history and great potential. But in the second interview, he did not ask any questions to the hiring authority. He answered those questions asked of him, but did not appear interested in finding out anything more about the position.


The second candidate asked:

  • What is my competition like?
  • What do I need to do to make it clear that I am your best candidate?
  • Are there any concerns about my experience that I need to make clear?
  • What, in your eyes, might be concerns about hiring me?
  • What, in your eyes, are my greatest strengths relative to this job?


She asked strong, hard, confident questions.

She wasn’t afraid to lose..she got hired!

By |March 7, 2022|Job Search Blog|

….the real payoff in our business

Mary had been a candidate of mine since 2002. She is absolutely stellar and always has been… top performer in every place she’s ever been. For all that time she has worked for large companies…really large companies. I would call her from time to time when really good opportunities came up. She always made a lot of money and there never is as many of those kind of jobs as everybody thinks.

She never really relished the politics of big companies and always managed to do really well. Most success in our profession is timing. It’s simply catching the right person at the right time in their career. It’s a high-volume business, making lots of calls and talking to lots of people and getting down the timing of supply and demand. If you talk to enough people and do it intelligently, sometimes it just works out.

One of our clients is a fairly small software firm that’s been around for 10 years. But the technology is phenomenal and they have hit the market at just the right time. They have less than 100 people in the company but their trajectory is phenomenal. The folks that run it are absolutely first-class and are about as good as it gets. They needed a salesperson who had been extremely successful, so, I called Mary.

She had been at a very large software firm for the last year, and although she was doing well (as she has done in every place she’s ever been), she was a little disappointed. The five people that she was hired with in the new group her company was building had all left, and her management was wondering, out loud, what they were going to do with her. The timing was right.

She agreed to meet with our client, but was very afraid of it being a very small company and she kept saying that in the interviewing process. She had just never worked for a small company and had heard all kinds of stories about “small companies”. I kept sharing with her, as I’ve written here before, that the size of the company has nothing to do with success or lack of it; it has to do with the people.

Mary is the kind of person that everyone would want to hire. Even after she met with all of the managers in the company and agreed that they were as good as I said they were, she was still dubious about a “small company.” But, she thought the perceived risk might be worth it, so, she joined.

Talk about make my day! Mary called me on Friday and said that this was by far the most impressive company that she ever worked for in the 30 years of being in the workforce. She said it was a phenomenal opportunity and she was so glad she joined. She claimed that they had better ideas, better resources, better managers than three of the largest software firms in the world that she had worked for. She called to simply say she was about as happy as she could be, and was thrilled with everything and wanted to thank me for helping her overcome her fears of a small company.

Not all of the placements we make work out quite this way. After all, it took me 20 years to find this lady the right opportunity. But when someone of her caliber calls, and is so grateful for the service that she got, that joy goes beyond the business transaction. She not only made my day, she made my week. Since I know the CEO, receiving the note about how grateful Mary was to be associated with their company gave me great joy.

What fun!


By |February 20, 2022|Job Search Blog|

…It was a little thing, but made a big difference

Juan had been through six corporate interviews with one of our clients. They were being phenomenally careful and have put him as well as three other candidates through the ringer. It was one of the most important jobs in the company, traveling internationally, and establishing the company’s presence around the world. So, admittedly, it was understandable that they were being so careful.

According to the Executive Vice President, all three candidates were really equal, and it was going to come down to one last interview with the CEO. All three candidates were to spend about one hour each in a video call with the CEO. Before the final interview, I can’t really say that our candidate, Juan, was ranked one, two or three. The direct hiring authority told me after the interview that Juan was a pretty distant second. But Juan got hired.

Here’s why. The CEO asked Juan what impressed him about the company. Juan revealed to him that he had spent six hours doing an online tutorial concerning the software products the company developed. He explained to the CEO exactly how he would introduce it to the countries he was going to be responsible for. That sealed the deal for Juan.

It was a little thing, but it made a really big difference. The company is thrilled and Juan has a phenomenal new job.

By |February 13, 2022|Job Search Blog|
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