…vacation…from what?

I guess I believe in them. I’ve even taken a few extended ones especially when our kids were young…but rarely more than two or three days. Being gone more than that in my profession is just really hard to do.

This week, however, I had three candidates…one of whom has been out of work two weeks, another out of work for two months and another six months. These are professional guys and gals who all earned in the six figures. All three of them, regarding three different opportunities, informed me that they couldn’t go on the interviews and I got them because they were “on vacation.” I asked, “vacation from what?”

I know that sounds sarcastic and/or cynical, but what were they taking a vacation from? Two of these folks hadn’t had an interview in a month. The other one hadn’t had an interview in six months. In the interview comes along and they tell me they can’t call on them because they have to go on vacation. I’m blown away.

This kind of thing happens every year. And I guess it’s simply a “timing” thing. But wouldn’t you imagine that if you’d been out of work for that long and needed a job, you’d figure some way to get to an interview. Even if it’s meet the family after the interview. Even if it’s come home for the interview and then go back. But to simply tell me that, “I really need a job, but I’m going on vacation and can’t make an interview” makes me believe that you really don’t want a job badly enough. How do you think a perspective employer is going to think about your priorities when you tell them that you can’t make an interview because you’re on vacation.

if you’re looking for a job full-time go on vacation after you find one.

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