Monthly Archives: November 2009

…don’t be cheap…remember this story

…i call my client and present a excellent candidate…my client starts laughing and say, “oh, yea i know way…yea, his background is perfect but i wouldn’t hire him on a bet..”

so, i say..”can you tell me why?”

he says…”yea…after i got out of college for a number of years i was a bartender at a very upscale restaurant in dallas…i got into this company seven years ago…but i tended bar before that…”

“this guy you sent me use to bring clients to our place…spend lots of money buying drinks and dinners for them as well as lots of his different women…but, no matter how well we treated him, he would hardly ever tip…i mean hardly ever…and when he did,  it was an insult…we hated to see him come it…all fancy and a big shot…but didn’t treat us right…”

“so, i figure he’d mistreat others when he didn’t have to be nice…so i’m going to pass…he’s an empty suit…won’t hire him”

…lesson speaks for itself

…”i’m very interested”

…this is sooooooo weak …and it is the last idea most candidates give a hiring authority…

mamby-pamby…has absolutely zero impact…if that is the best emotional effort you can express to a hiring authority…go home!

your competition is gonna eat your lunch…

try this: “your opportunity is an excellent one…you should hire me because ………(and if you can’t think of two or three short, compelling reasons to be hired, you don’t deserve the job)….what do i need to do to get the job?”

even if you may not want the job…you have nothing without an offer…

i had a candidate that was simply “practicing” this technique with one of my clients..he didn’t think he wanted the job even if it was offered…

he got the offer…$42,000 MORE than what he was making for a salary…not bad..especially in this market he took the job! 

…why i don’t like ‘objective’ on your resume

…employers and hiring authorities don’t care what your objective is…they don’t care about what your goals or objectives are…they don’t care what you want….

they care about what they want

so, most objectives describe what the candidate wants…they are usually written with global language that means nothing..they don’t get read by a hiring authority and if they do, most of the time, it will eliminate the candidate..

your resume should explain what you have done, who you have done it for and how successful you have been…it should say…”i have done a great job for my employers in the past,so i will do a great job for you”

what you want should have nothing to do with your resume

go look at the objectives on most resumes…you’ll see what i mean… my resume…go to my linkedin profile

i get candidates that send me a cover letter, telling me how good they are…fair enough..bu then, instead of attaching a resume, the want to get fancy and tell me to go to their website and download their resume…or to go to their linkedin profile and view their experience..

DON’T DO THIS….hiring authorities and guys like me who get 100 resumes a day, don’t have time to go to another website or to a linkedin profile and download information…there are simply too many resumes..

now, a few years from now, when there are more jobs than people…and it will come.. ( i remember the mid 70’s, late 80’s, late 90’s when people could get a job without a resume) you can tell hiring authorities and recruiters to download your resume or go to your linkedin page…but for the foreseeable future, send your resume the traditional way..

the other day i got a “power point resume”…a well put together power point presentation…unfortunately, it did not contain the candidates contact information and it was a mess when i printed it out….don’t do this either