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great job, Dave

dave calls me from kansas…thanks me for the information on how to negotiate…says he got the offer he wanted and followed my advise exactly…got $20,000 more in salary than the company wanted to pay…PLUS a car

good job dave…no matter how great the coach can draw up the plays, they still have to be executed properly..

…never talk about the money you want on the first interview

My candidate last week was perfect for the job. She goes to the interview and things are going great…until…she starts talking about how she has been under paid and she is now going to make up for it by being sure she gets paid “what she is worth”.

The hiring authority, naturally, asks her what she thinks she is “worth”…she tells him $20,000 more than what she is now making.

The interview went south after that….

Don’t ever, ever, ever talk about “what you are worth” until you have established your value to an employer.