…great questions

my candidate got hired…in the second and third interviews he asked great questions:….”what is my competition like?…what do i need to do to make it clear that i am your best candidate?…are there any concerns about my experience that i need to make clear?… what, in your eyes, might be concerns about hiring me?…what, in your eyes, are my greatest strengths relative to this job?”

he asked strong, hard, confident questions..he wasn’t afraid to lose…he got hired!

don’t believe what you hear…

one of my candidates has been waiting three weeks for an offer he was told he was going to get…it was not my client, thank goodness…but i kept telling him to keep interviewing…but he wouldn’t listen…it was his dream job..

he has been calling the hiring authority every three or four days…has a start date and has been told, “no problem”..

well, today he found out that the hiring authority is going to be promoted…good for him..bad for my candidate..

they are going to wait on hiring…either promote from within or hire a new manager from outside the company..

sadly, the hiring authority knew this was a possibility a month ago, but wanted to hedge his bet, that if he didn’t get promoted he would hire my candidate…he was dealing to what was best for him and not the candidate..

lesson: don’t believe a damn word about “we are going to hire you”..until you get an offer letter..

my candidate is devastated…

30-60-90 day plan

one of my candidates who studied my on line program …www.thejobsearchsolution.com

he is one of four finalist for a V.P. of the West for a company..he goes into the executive interview with the CEO, the Exec. V.P. and two other V.P.’s…he makes a presentation of what he would do in the first 30-60-90 days with a plan modeled after what the program taught him…

he gets the job…turns out he is the only candidate that did anything like that….$180,000 base and with bonuses he will make $400,000…not bad for simply following instructions

hang in there

…one of my candidates got hired today by an employer i sent him to…………eight months ago…the candidate kept calling the employer even after he had been eliminated…not too often, but every two or three weeks…the employer never did call the guy back…but, timing is sometimes everything…when my client’s first hire resigned after eight months, my candidate just happened to call and……he got hired after one meeting…

you never know…don’t hold your breath…but hang in there

ask for the job …damn it..

candidate today..goes to a thrid interview..he was doing great..unitl he gets to the end of the interview and he says..”i’m very interested..where do we go from here?”

that is so totally weak…weak, weak, weak….he should have said, “this is a great opportunity for both of us …what do I need to do to get the job?”

he has been eliminated…don’t ever, ever, ever leave an interview without asking, “What do i need to do to get the job?”

the (almost) $143,000 mistake

i got an interview for one of my candidates that i have known for a number of years…he is very picky and the kind of job he needs is very hard to find..

when i told him about the interiew, he started giving me this stuff about..”well, i know them…i wouldn’t work there…they know me…i don’t want to go…i don’t think they can afford me..it doesn’t sound right” blah..blah..blah…

i threatened him that if he didn’t go, i wouldn’t get him any more interviews…i shared with him that he is a pain in the butt and that he needs to go on any interview he can, because he is hard to place and kind of people that would hire him are very hard to find…

he went…

he starts work for these guys monday…$143,000 salary plus commission that will put him at $300,000 the first year… a $20,000 HIGHER base than he was making..

LESSON: ..go on every interview you can get…you really don’t know “them” like you think you do…what a job “sounds” like has nothing to do with reality… don’t make a $143,000 mistake

…don’t lie

it happened again today…oh, my goodness..this is soooooo sad..

a candidate i placed started his job last week..the company finally got around to checking his background and found that he lied about having a degree..they fired him on the spot..

since 1973, i have never understood why people lie …especially about something so easy to check..

DON’T LIE..it is dumb…dumb…dumb

Job search strategies that really work for you

If you can’t explain it simply,
you don’t know your subject.
– Albert Einstein

Most of the books, articles written about how to get a job are written by theorists who have not actually helped get people jobs!
Interesting! It would almost be funny – this part about people writing books about how to find jobs not having much, if any, experience in finding people jobs – if above mentioned books, articles didn’t waste so much of their readers’ time and money!
My day-to-day responsibilities are solely concerned with finding people jobs.
What are my qualifications? I have been successfully finding people real jobs for over thirty years. After receiving a Ph.D. in Higher Education from St.Louis University, I bagan to forge a career working outside of academia – in the real employment world.
I have personally placed more than 6,000 people and am adding to that list every day. I have personally met and interviewed more than 24,000 people of all professions and services. I have worked with more than 21,000 different companies; many of which have hired candidates from me while some did not. The firm that I now own has been in the placement and recruitment business since 1952. I joined the organization in 1973 and bought it from the founder in 1989. We are the oldest placement firm in Texas and certainly one of the oldest, if not the oldest, in the Southwest. Since its founding, the firm has helped more than 100,000 people find jobs. We have developed surefire techniques that help people find new jobs and new careers.
This blog will explore specific challenge of finding a job in changing economy. The following are just some of the aspects I will explore:

-How a recessionary market impacts your personal job search or employment change
-The psychological dimensions of finding a job in changing economy
-How to start taking action immediately
-The things that really count: interviews
-What to expect from potential employers; how 97% of the companies in the U.S. approach hiring – surprises abound!
-Searching for a new job while presently employed
-The delusion of resumes
-The importance of practical spirituality
-The telephone interview
-How to manage the initial and all follow-up interviews
-Meaningful supporters and mentors
-How to deal with being fired and laid off
-Negotiating the highest pay
-How to start a new job
….and many other issues.

If you want practical, highly useful and informed information on how to get quality, high paying employment to better your life, then step inside…

Let’s get started!