…lessons from dr.phil

went to appear on the dr. phil show…it will air april 29  …spent two days taping in LA…

i don’t know much about television, but i have been watching businesses grow siince 1973…i have never seen such a well run business as the dr.phil show… this guy runs one of the smoothest, most precision operation i have seen

there are 300 people that work for the dr.phil show…there are 10 producers, each with 10 or 11 folks working for them …the rest are technical people…each producer manages one show at a time..

they tape three shows a day, four days a week…and, i mean the “trains run on time”…everything runs on time…the preperation for each show is amazing…everyone knows exactly what they are suppose to do…and they had better do it right..

phil mcgraw is one of the nicest guys i have met…he has tremendous compassion for people and everyone that works there admires him and the organization…some of those folks have been there 13 years…since it started…some have left and come back…

those coming back will tell you that they go to other hollywood shows and they aren’t run near as well as mcgraw’s…they really appreciate working there..

i have really only spent two or so hours with dr.phil himself…but the organization reflects him and his values..it is a tremendous group of people…and, as with most firms, the get their character from the top guy

it was a real pleasure to experience this guy’s business…

even the guy who drove me from the airport was saying how much trouble most of hollywood was having…and that one of the bright spots was the success of the dr.phil show..

i can see why…

….never let the fear of striking out get in your way

the past two weeks have been hectic…appeared on one dr.phil show…took two days…and “appeared” on another one over the phone..

one of the dr.phil guests i am helping…you can see the show on april 29th…lost his job last december…here it is april and he has only had three interviews…

why???..’cause he is just plain scared…pure fear…simply paralized by fear…he has been so afraid of getting rejected he doesn’t try to interview..

fear is overcome by massive action…in the words of babe ruth, “never let the fear of striking out get in your way!”

…i can’t believe it

..top flight candidate…successful everywhere he has ever been…earned close to $1 million a couple of times…

goes to an interview i get him and call the receptionist “sweetie“… unbelievable…cost him the opportunity for the job..

twenty years ago, that would have been OK…not great, but OK…but it won’t work today..

never, ever be condescending, flirty, cutesie…anything but business…what a screw-up

…spring break

..one of my candidates has been out of work for three months…i get him a very rare inteview and he tells me he can’t go because he has to go on spring break with his kids..

they are planning  a trip to san antonio for a week and he just can’t go….

now, keep in mind that he is almost broke..or so he says…desperately needs a job….and he is missing an interview to go on spring break….

can’t he join his family after the interview…or go down and come back for it???

where did our society get this attitude…maybe that is why he has been out of work for three months..

i’ve been doing this since 1973 and have seen ’bout everything…and am pretty understanding about most things

but i will never get this approach to finding a job….

i know i’m old…but when i was a kid, “spring break” was Good Friday, you got off from school so you could go to work at your part-time job… 

….those on linkedin

interesting…one of my candidates invited me to join his connections on linkedin…i did..

his boss, also in my candidate’s connections, saw that my candidate added me…his boss confronted him as to why he would all of a sudden invite a well known recruiter into his connections…i.e…”you looking for a job?”

my candidate was a bit stunned…his boss had a point..

so, best think about who is in your connections..or maybe, when you add them..

…changing the titles on your resume

the titles of  “account manager…regional manager…vice president…director..” and we can go on…can all be misleading..

can’t tell you the number of times that one of my candidates is passed up for an interview because the hiring authority misjudges their duties and responsiblities because of the candidate’s title…

any time the word “manager” is in the title you run the risk of being overlooked as an individual contributor because, after all, you have been “managing” other people…

lesson: don’t hesitate to change the titles on your resume if they are not very clear as to what you have done…

don’t give me that, “well, tony, that was (is) my title and i can’t help it if it keeps me from getting an interview”… unless, of course, you don’t want to get many interviews…

i’m not saying to lie..i am saying to make sure the titles on your resume help you get the interviews you need…

…doing something for the less fortunate

i know things may not be going so well for you…in a lousy job..not making enough…or out of work for a long time…having to file bankruptcy…can’t even get good interviews…

along with being grateful, praying and listening to positive stuff try doing something for someone less fortunate than you…and yes, there is someone…probably lots of “someones” who are less fortunate than you…

find ’em…do something for them..completely outside of yourself..listen, really listen to their problems and, for a moment, forget your own..

volunteer …and if you don’t think you have time for that..you really do and you know it…you can go to the soup kitchen and feed the hungry one hour a week..

clean up the alley…there are thousands of things you can do…the more you do for those less fortunate, the more will come back to you in other ways

…keeping motivated

when the news sucks, like it does, and you are either out of work or anxiously looking for a job while you have one, it is easy to get down…some even get depressed

so many folks today have never had to look for a job or haven’t seen such a difficult job market..

the first thing to do is to take massive action toward looking for a new job…but one of the most important things you can do is to read motivational books, listen to motivational tapes and CD’s, pray, feed the spirit and stay around positive people..

the world is a negative place…blame adam and eve or anyone you wish, but the world is simply negative…there is much joy, beauty and awe, but life on this earth is plain old difficult…even in the best of times…we are born crying and childbirth is painful

we have to be constantly “overlaying” the negative…one of the downsides to “job search groups” is the principle of “confirmation bias”…we look for things to confirm our bias…so if we are sad and poor we look for others that are sad and poor, then justify our thoughts and feelings by saying, “see, everyone is sad and poor”..

so, constantly overlay the negative…your car radio should be loaded with tapes and CD’s…quit listening to the (bad) news.. be reading tons of positive books…be around positive, up beat people…stay motivated, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally…this takes a lot of work to do, but it really makes a difference


i have been doing this since 1973…i have seen and experienced just about every aspect of an individuals job search as can be imagined…

one of the spiritual practices that makes searching for a job easier is to practice gratitude…

so, you say..”look, tony…i got fired…lost my job…haven’t had an interview in four weeks…just got rejected…and you want me to be GRATEFUL..are you nuts…what do i have to be grateful for?”

well, just the chance to wake up every morning and start looking for a job…for one thing…

just this week two of my candidates were diagnosed with different types of cancer..and another just got home from a colon cancer operation..finding a job isn’t quite as important as it might seem

begin each day being grateful…simply thank God you are alive and are capable of dealing with the challenges in front of you…

this habit won’t keep unfortunate things from happening to you…it won’t really help you get an interview or keep you from being turned down for the job you thought you were going to get…but it will help you put those issues in perspective…

be grateful…even if it isn’t easy

…as long as we are talking ‘spiritual’

as long as we are on this subject let me share with you a practical way of “giving”…and the wonderful return

it has to do with being as kind, patient, understanding and even forgiving to and with people you encounter in your job search that could irritate you and down right make you mad, angry and frustrated..

these are the people, hiring authorities, interviewing authorities…anyone you encounter in the job search, that are rude, or tell you what they think at the moment that turns out to not be the truth…(lie!) .

you know that you are vulnerable..looking for a job is very emotional and difficult…you are senstive to what people tell you and how they treat you…and often, it just isn’t nice..

welllllll…forgive them…get over it…they are spiritual beings acting human….they are so wrapped up in themselves,  they don’t know they are running you over…

since you are sensative, you take it personally…it isn’t personal…soooooo, forgive them, pray for them..be even kinder to them…let them know you appreciate their sitaution if you get the chance..

the big payoff…it will make you feel better