…why don’t people follow the instructions

it is sooooooooo simple…

my candidate asked, when interviewing with two of the sales people

that were part of the interviewing process: “are you going to recommend to the president that he hire me?”

they said: “..well, it is really not my decision..”

he said (and this is great): “i’m not buying that…you are part of the decision making process or you wouldn’t be interviewing me….they obviously think highly of your opinion…

what attracts me to this company is that you all are a close knit group… you rely on one another…you seem to watch each other’s back…i really like that and want to be a part of it…

..now, are you going to tell the president to hre me?”

he had to ask one of sales people this question twice…but he got the answer he wanted…”yes…i will recommend you..”

when he was interviewing with the v.p…he asked the v.p. five times if he would recommend him…the v.p. finally said, “you really want this job, don’t you?”…”you have my vote!”

what is funny/sad…whatever, i try to teach every candidate i get past first base to do this and they don’t..

the highest compliment a teacher can get is a student who executes the plays the way they are drawn up…go figure …

..why don’t people follow the instructions?????


…social networks

will social networks help get you a job???…too early to tell

it is the rage..plaxo, linkedin, facebook…and now twitter??? ..folks publishing books on how these things will find you a job…oh, brother..

i’m old enough to remember when the fax machine was gonna revolutionize the world..(i placed a sale guy with burroughs one time who was  hire to sell fax machines…for $100,000 a machine…)

and the world was gonna go “paperless” with the advent of the internet…and we use more paper than we ever have..

hey, look..i’m in  the trenches every day helpng people find jobs..one person at a time..i really don’t have time to care if you twitter me that you have to go to the bathroom…and neither do our clients or your future employer..in fact, it may get quite annoying

but, if any of these things help you get face-to-face interviews…have at it..but don’t hold your breath and think that they are going to revolutionize your job search..or above all, make you a better candiadate..

one of these books about getting hired via the internet never even mentioned being interviewed or how to do it…

don’t be suprised if all these things go the way of the job boards…simply so much information it is overwhelming…

again, use this stuff if it helps you feel good or helps you get an interview…but don’t expect it to be the “answer”

….”internet your way to a job!”

OK…the latest craze…twitter, linkedin, facebook, plaxo your way into your new job…wellllllll, maybe…

they are simply tools to get interviews…don’t be lead to believe that they are going to revolutionize your job search..

the three new books i just read on internetting your way to a new job don’t even address how to interview  or how to sell yourself…they sell the idea that by using the net you can miraculously have a job fall in your lap..

oh, yea…here we go…a video resume…i don’t think it will help you at all…it is worse than a video conference interview… it will give an employer too many reasons to eliminate you… too one dimensional…like your picture on your resume ..

don’t buy it…look at the revolutionary internet stuff on other folks…see what you think…

twitter…i could be wrong, but what kind of busy, hard working candidate or employer has time to “follow” other folks around all day…

some of this stuff is just too social…might be great to find a date…but not a job..

hey, if they get you  an interview..OK…but don’t think it is going to make looking for a job any easier…

…your picture on your resume

this has been a bit of a “thing” lately…DON’T DO THIS…DO NOT PUT YOUR MUG ON YOUR RESUME.. you are not trying to get a date…you don’t look anywhere near as good in a picture as you think you do…i don’t care what you or your spouce or friends think…

in fact, it is just another reason for someone not to like you 

the resume should communicate, “here is why you should interview me”….your picture doesn’t help that..

…keeping a journal

really a good idea to keep a journal about your daily activities and how they went…

the writing is great catharsis for your soul …and it is great to be able to go back and see what went on last week…ten years ago…

doesn’t have to be much every day, but it helps one be clear about what is going on


i am continually suprised at how simply afraid people get when they have to find a job…

terry mcdonald…the guy in california that i am helping from the dr.phil show, lost his job in january of ’09..until we were on that show…april…he had only 3 interviews…only three

i asked him about the circumstances and he admitted that it was simply fear…just didn’t know what to do…so much anxiety…

we have him on track now…simply taking massive action..but fear is a very difficult emotion

…lessons from dr.phil

went to appear on the dr. phil show…it will air april 29  …spent two days taping in LA…

i don’t know much about television, but i have been watching businesses grow siince 1973…i have never seen such a well run business as the dr.phil show… this guy runs one of the smoothest, most precision operation i have seen

there are 300 people that work for the dr.phil show…there are 10 producers, each with 10 or 11 folks working for them …the rest are technical people…each producer manages one show at a time..

they tape three shows a day, four days a week…and, i mean the “trains run on time”…everything runs on time…the preperation for each show is amazing…everyone knows exactly what they are suppose to do…and they had better do it right..

phil mcgraw is one of the nicest guys i have met…he has tremendous compassion for people and everyone that works there admires him and the organization…some of those folks have been there 13 years…since it started…some have left and come back…

those coming back will tell you that they go to other hollywood shows and they aren’t run near as well as mcgraw’s…they really appreciate working there..

i have really only spent two or so hours with dr.phil himself…but the organization reflects him and his values..it is a tremendous group of people…and, as with most firms, the get their character from the top guy

it was a real pleasure to experience this guy’s business…

even the guy who drove me from the airport was saying how much trouble most of hollywood was having…and that one of the bright spots was the success of the dr.phil show..

i can see why…

….never let the fear of striking out get in your way

the past two weeks have been hectic…appeared on one dr.phil show…took two days…and “appeared” on another one over the phone..

one of the dr.phil guests i am helping…you can see the show on april 29th…lost his job last december…here it is april and he has only had three interviews…

why???..’cause he is just plain scared…pure fear…simply paralized by fear…he has been so afraid of getting rejected he doesn’t try to interview..

fear is overcome by massive action…in the words of babe ruth, “never let the fear of striking out get in your way!”

…i can’t believe it

..top flight candidate…successful everywhere he has ever been…earned close to $1 million a couple of times…

goes to an interview i get him and call the receptionist “sweetie“… unbelievable…cost him the opportunity for the job..

twenty years ago, that would have been OK…not great, but OK…but it won’t work today..

never, ever be condescending, flirty, cutesie…anything but business…what a screw-up

…spring break

..one of my candidates has been out of work for three months…i get him a very rare inteview and he tells me he can’t go because he has to go on spring break with his kids..

they are planning  a trip to san antonio for a week and he just can’t go….

now, keep in mind that he is almost broke..or so he says…desperately needs a job….and he is missing an interview to go on spring break….

can’t he join his family after the interview…or go down and come back for it???

where did our society get this attitude…maybe that is why he has been out of work for three months..

i’ve been doing this since 1973 and have seen ’bout everything…and am pretty understanding about most things

but i will never get this approach to finding a job….

i know i’m old…but when i was a kid, “spring break” was Good Friday, you got off from school so you could go to work at your part-time job…