ask for the job …damn it..

candidate today..goes to a thrid interview..he was doing great..unitl he gets to the end of the interview and he says..”i’m very interested..where do we go from here?”

that is so totally weak…weak, weak, weak….he should have said, “this is a great opportunity for both of us …what do I need to do to get the job?”

he has been eliminated…don’t ever, ever, ever leave an interview without asking, “What do i need to do to get the job?”

One thought on “ask for the job …damn it..

  1.'Mark Joseph Gallagher

    I memorized the words, “this is a win win for both of us… what do I need to do to get the job?” The interviewers laughed in a kind way. They loved the eagerness. Six days later, I accepted the job offer. I thought the question was too aggressive, but it works. Thank you.


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